Introduction to EduCore Math Resources

ASCD is proud to work with the Mathematics Assessment Project (MAP) to serve educators through the EduCore™ website, a portal to the Classroom Challenges Formative Assessment Lessons and other mathematical resources. MAP represents a collaborative effort between the University of California, Berkeley, the Mathematics Assessment Resource Service (MARS) Shell Centre team at the University of Nottingham, the Mathematics Design Collaborative (MDC), and the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative (SVMI), with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This partnership has resulted in the creation of Classroom Challenges, formative assessment lessons anchored in the content described in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM).

Teachers can use Classroom Challenges in conjunction with their daily teaching. The lessons help teachers monitor and assess students' learning by revealing and developing students' key mathematical skills and understandings. The information from Classroom Challenges helps teachers guide their instruction to meet student needs, provide feedback to students, and progress their students' mathematical reasoning to reach the goals of the CCSSM. Classroom Challenges lessons are of two complementary types: Concept Development Lessons and Problem Solving Lessons.


Concept Development Lessons help teachers assess and develop students’ understandings of significant mathematical concepts and how these understandings, or misunderstandings, connect to students' prior knowledge.

Problem Solving Lessons focus on students' capacity to apply their previously learned mathematics understandings to non-routine, unstructured problems, both from the real world and the world of pure mathematics.

Both sets of lessons are built around rich tasks that assess students' mathematical thinking. Take a look at these webinars delivered by Dr. Malcolm Swan, the lead designer for MAP and Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Nottingham and Director of the research center there, and Dr. Hugh Burkhardt, the pioneer behind the concept of strategic design, for a more in-depth explanation of  how to use the Classroom Challenges Formative Assessment Lessons. You can find these lessons, student problems, student work samples, discussion questions, and detailed guidance on how to interpret student responses on the Math Tools channel of EduCore™. Check back frequently as resources are continually added and updated!

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