Focus on Shifts in Mathematics

View these videos to gain an understanding on how to work as a school team to implement the Classroom Challenges formative assessments, developed by the Mathematics Assessment Project (MARS). This overview shows teachers how to implement the classroom challenges formative assessments and makes the connection between the Mathematical practices and the Classroom Challenges formative assessments.

Making Mathematics Matter - Gates Foundation

This video gives an overview of how to implement the formative assessment lessons. Watch as Ann Shannon works with students and teachers to implement the Classroom Challenges lessons in a high school. 

Shifts in Mathematics—Gates Foundation

 Ann Shannon describes the instructional shifts in mathematics and how the Formative Assessment lessons support the Common Core State Standards. 

Interpreting Algebraic Expressions

This video provides a classroom demonstration of the Classroom Challenges lesson Interpreting Algebraic Expressions.

 Stop GPS-ing Students: Create a Google Map

In this professional learning  video clip, Ann Shannon explains why teachers should quit "GPS-ing" their students and use a "Google Map approach" to mathematics instruction.

Click on the image to download the resource.

CCSS Literacy and Math Tools: An Interim Report on Implementation and Sustainability During the Pilot Year

This Research for Action report summarizes the initial round of research on the development and piloting of two types of instructional tools designed to support integration of the standards for mathematics and literacy.

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