The Common Core Insider: Elementary and Middle School Math (DVD)

Released in 2010, the Common Core Standards were designed to raise and align student achievement in the United States and give students greater focus and coherence in mathematics. The standards aim to give students a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of mathematics and prepare them for college and careers in mathematics.

This video explores how educators and school leaders are implementing strategies in the classroom to meet the Common Core Math Standards, both math practices and math content. In-depth profiles of teachers and math coaches, along with practical classroom examples will show how elementary and middle schools are meeting the challenges of the new Common Core directives. The video will also feature comments from students to reveal how increased verbal fluency in tackling math problems improves comprehension and meets multiple Common Core standards (real-life application, ability to reason and critique others, precision, and modeling, et al.).

Featuring two schools, a middle school in San Jose, California (Ida Price Middle School) and an elementary school in Silver Spring, Maryland (Georgian Forest Elementary School) this video shows how collaborative teaching, professional development, formative assessment, and technology help meet the goals of Common Core State Standards for math. Teachers explain how these strategies inform their curriculum and help prepare students for testing, college, and careers in mathematics. Learn more about this DVD here.

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