Introduction to Student Achievement Partners

ASCD is excited to work with Student Achievement Partners to serve educators through the EduCore™ website, a portal to the Basal Alignment Project (BAP) resources.

Founded by lead writers of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) David Coleman, Susan Pimental, and Jason Zimba, Student Achievement Partners is structured around three principles. First, Student Achievement Partners does not reserve any rights to intellectual property. It seeks to create and share quality educational resources with as many people as possible. Second, it does not compete for federal, state, or district contracts. Third, it does not receive money from publishers. Student Achievement Partners is a non-profit organization whose mission is & to help all students and teachers see their hard work lead to greater student achievement. By staying true to its purpose and principles, Student Achievement Partners works to help educators implement the Common Core State Standards so that every student can reach his or her fullest potential.

EduCore features a sampling of the elementary literacy resources from the Basal Alignment Project (BAP). Student Achievement Partners and the Council of Great City Schools partnered on this initiative. Educators gathered together to evaluate and create test-dependent questions and Common Core-aligned lessons, questions, and materials to use in conjunction with lessons from the most commonly used basal readers. Numerous elementary school teachers around the country use basal readers, or textbook anthologies, to teach reading skills. With the introduction of the CCSS, many teachers now lack the necessary resources to meet the new requirements. These BAP lessons help to fill that gap for teachers.

Visit Achieve the Core to learn more about Student Achievement Partners and to view its extensive bank of CCSS resources.

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