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Evaluating Statements About Enlargements (2D and 3D)
The amount of space taken up in a plane by a geometric figure.
The process, result, or act of performing a mathematical process (calculating).
A closed plane curve consisting of all points at a given distance from a point within it called the center.
A three-dimensional figure with a single base tapering to an apex.
A regular solid with six congruent square faces; the third power of a number or quantity. Expressed as x³.
A line segment that is straight and passes through the center of a shape, such as a circle or a sphere; the length of this segment.
A statement, usually an equation, of a fact, principle, rule, or other logical relationship; often used to solve a problem.
The sum of the lengths of the sides of a polygon.
A line segment that joins the center of a shape with any point on its circumference; the length of such a segment.
A three-dimensional quadrilateral with four congruent angles, all of which are equal to 90º.
Determining the ratio of any two corresponding lengths in two similar geometric figures.
The set of all points in a three-dimensional space lying the same distance from a given point or center.
Letters that represent numbers in algebraic expressions; called variables because the numbers they represent can vary; one or more numbers can be substituted for the letters in an algebraic expression; also referred to as the unknown.
The total amount of space enclosed in a solid.
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