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Defining Regions Using Inequalities
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  • Assessment Task: Equations and Identities (10 minutes)
      • Return their original assessment Combining Inequalities to the students, as well as a second blank copy of the task.
        • Look at your original responses and think about what you have learned this lesson.
        • Using what you have learned, try to improve your work.
      • If you have not added questions to individual pieces of work, write your list of questions on the board.

      Students should select from this list only the questions they think are appropriate to their own work.

      Explain to students that Questions 1 and 2 are concerned with just the first three clues. When answering these questions they should ignore Clues 4 and 5.

  • Solutions: Combining Inequalities
      1. The points (3,2) and (4,3) are the points that satisfy all clues.
      2. The possible places for the target are indicated by the bold dots on the grid below:

      3. Clue 4 is unhelpful because it doesn't add any extra information.

        This is because the region y > x − 4 includes all of the above region.

      4. Clue 5 excludes all solutions but (4,2), so this is where the treasure is located. (See diagram.)

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