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Justin and the Best Biscuits in the World
Before the
  • Before Teaching
    • 1. Read the Big Ideas and Key Understandings and the Synopsis below. Please do not read these to the students. They provide a description for teachers about the Big Ideas and Key Understandings that students should take away after completing this task.

      2. Read entire main selection text, keeping in mind the Big Ideas and Key Understandings.

      3. Re-read the main selection text while noting the stopping points for the Text-dependent Questions and Vocabulary.

  • Big Ideas and Key Understandings
    • An inability to do a task can lead to feelings of incompetency and shame, but kind instruction can guide a person to success with those tasks. Also, both genders can perform the same tasks and experience similar feelings (e.g., boys can do household chores and can cry).

      Instructional Focus: Resolving conflicts.

  • Synopsis
    • Justin is upset that he is unable to perform the household chores as well as his sisters. He has a tearful outburst over this, something he feels embarrassed about because he thinks crying makes him a “baby.” During a visit to his grandpa’s ranch, Justin observes his grandpa performing household chores and enjoying doing them. His grandpa takes the time to show Justin how he can get better at doing similar chores. Justin then begins to grapple with his feelings of guilt about calling those chores “women’s work” and learns that what matters is that we try to learn to do the best we can in the most enjoyable way. He also learns from his grandpa that it is okay to cry and that expressing his emotions does not make him a baby.

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