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Optimization Problems: Boomerangs
A line that divides a space or a body (entity), often into two symmetric parts; can be vertical or horizontal.
To perform a mathematical process; to determine the solution to a mathematical problem.
Condition that the solution to an optimization problem must satisfy. Two types of constraints are equality constraints and inequality constraints.
Having the shape of an ellipse, like an egg or an oval.
Mathematical sentence that compares two expressions linked by an equals sign.
A diagram that exhibits a relationship, often functional, between two sets of numbers as a set of points having coordinates determined by the relationship; also called plot.
A term used to compare two expressions that are linked by less than <, less than or equal to =, greater than >, greater than or equal to =.
Problem typically involving a scenario in which limited resources must be used to their greatest effect; problem in which the optimum solution is identified from all feasible solutions.
The discipline of observing, identifying, describing, experimenting, and offering theories to explain phenomena in the world.
When equations must be solved at the same time in order to reach the solution to a mathematical problem.
A way of organizing data, usually in the form of columns and rows within a rectangular form.
Letters that represent numbers in algebraic expressions; called variables because the numbers they represent can vary; one or more numbers can be substituted for the letters in an algebraic expression; also referred to as the unknown.
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