Discipline: English/Language Arts

(Scope and Sequence: Quarter 3, approximately two to three weeks)

Grade Level: Middle Grades

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The Power of Language (Communication is More than Language)
  • Module Description
    • This language arts module addresses the effects of language structures in nonfiction and poetry. This module involves critical analysis of genre structure, grammar, and literary devices.

      NOTE: This module is designed to teach and assess the Common Core State Standards College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Speaking and Listening, including a formal and rigorous dialogue about concepts and ideas, as well as Common Core Reading and Writing standards.

  • Tasks
    • Teaching Task Template Task (Design your own lesson)

      How does language structure shape meaning? After reading "Birches," "Trees," "Thirteen Ways with Figs" and the "Fig Butter Recipe", write an essay that compares the effects of different language structures on meaning.

      Task 23 Template (Informational or Explanatory/ Comparison L1):

      [Insert question] After reading _____ (literature or informational texts), write a/an ________(essay, report, or substitute) that compares _____ (content).

  • About the Author
    • Author(s): Laura Billings

      Contact information: National Paideia Center (http://paideia.org)

  • Materials, References and Supports
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