Discipline: Social Studies

Grade Level: 10th

Course: Advanced Placement United States History

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The Cold War
  • Module Description
    • Students will read primary sources to help gain understanding of the Cold War from 1945 to 1975. Major themes explored in the unit include political decisions and actions of the U.S. and foreign governments, military strategies, and reactions of American Society. Students will use the knowledge of the time period and evidence from primary source documents to write a rough draft of an argumentation essay in response to the teaching task. Students will complete the teaching task in preparation for a final classroom assessment task. Students will learn most of the content first and complete the literacy module at the end of the unit.

      Total time -- 2 Weeks.

  • Tasks
    • Teaching Task Template Task (Design your own lesson)

      How effective was the United States government in its attempt to halt the spread of communism in Europe and Asia between the years 1945 and 1975? After reading primary source documents, write an essay that discusses the Cold War and evaluates U.S. strategies and its level of success in containing the Communist influence throughout the eastern hemisphere. Be sure to support your position with evidence from the texts.

      Task 6 Template:

      [Insert question] After reading _________ (literature of informational texts), write _________ (essay or substitute) that discusses _________ (content) and evaluates _________ (content). Be sure to support your position with evidence from the texts. (Argumentation/Evaluation).

  • About the Teacher
    • Author(s): Kathy Thiebes

      Course: Advanced Placement United States History

  • Materials, References and Support
    • For Teachers

      Student reading material in appendix:

      • Copy of Yalta Agreement (can be found at www.pbs.org)
      • Editorial, The Chicago Tribune (1947)
      • The Truman Doctrine (1947)
      • Chart - Economic assistance to European nations (1948-1952)
      • The North Atlantic Treaty (1949)
      • Korean War Armistice (1953)
      • "By Any Means" Speech-John Foster Dulles (1954)
      • British Political Cartoon (1956)
      • Speech-Fidel Castro (1962)
      • Mandate for Change-Dwight D. Eisenhower (1963)
      • Where I Stand-Barry Goldwater (1964)
      • The Nixon Doctrine (1969)

      Classroom Assessment Task:

      • "Women and the New Race"-Margaret Sanger (1920)
      • Editorial, Houston Chronicle (1921)
      • Inaugural Address-President Coolidge (1925)
      • Article-Time Magazine (1928)
      • "Swat the Fly, But Use Common Sense", Political Cartoon-Newark News
      • Senate Censure of Joseph McCarthy (1954)
      • "The Changing American Market", Time Magazine (1955)
      • Public Papers of the President: Dwight D. Eisenhower (1960-1961)
      • "10 Amazing Years, 1947-1957: A Decade of Miracles"-U.S. News & World Report (1957)
      • Telegram-Senator Richard Russell to President Eisenhower (1957)
      For Students
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