Discipline: Social Studies 

Grade Level:6th grade 

Course: World Cultures/Geography 

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Why Canadians Live Where They Live: The Impact of Geography on Population Density in Canada.
  • Module Description
    • In this unit, students explore the impact of geographic characteristics on the population density of a post-industrialized nation (Canada) as part of a larger unit of study about Canada. Specifically, students are asked to determine which of climate, location, or the distribution of natural resources has the biggest impact on population density. 

  • Tasks
    • Teaching Task Template Task (Design your own lesson)

      Do geographic characteristics such as climate, location, and distribution of natural resources have an impact on population density? After reading your notes, information in your textbook, and at least two articles, write an editorial that discusses how one geographic characteristic of Canada impacts population density and evaluate how that characteristic can increase or decrease population density. Be sure to support your position with evidence from the texts. 

      Task 6 (Argumentation/Evaluation)

      (Insert question) After reading _________ (literature or informational texts), write a/an _______ (essay or substitute) that discusses _________ (content) and evaluates _______ (content). Be sure to support your position with evidence from the texts. 

  • About The Teacher
    • Author: Symantha O'Byrne 

      Course: World Cultures/Geography 

  • Materials, References, and Support
    • For Teachers
      • Allen, J. (1999). Words, Words, Words. Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishers. 
      For Students
      • Georgia CRCT Coach, GPS Edition, Social Studies, Grade 6. (2011). New York: Triumph Learning.
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      • Reference/resource
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