Discipline: ELA

Grade Level: 12

Course: English 4: Florida College Prep

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Stranger in the Village: Informational
To separate an intellectual whole in order to investigate and evaluate its parts; the results of such thinking.
Techniques used in film that influence the meaning; methods used to elicit responses from an audience.
Clarity of pronunciation. Word choice, with special attention to correctness.
Facts, information, or something that provides proof to support whether a belief is true or valid.
The use of language to create mental pictures.
A story that describes a sequence of events; can be fiction or nonfiction.
Students are presented with an open-ended question and given a short, set amount of time to write their response.
To say or write multiple times for emphasis.
An instructional technique where the teacher asks questions of his or her students to guide them toward understanding, rather than presenting students with the information.
To list or review the main points.
The act of an object or action standing for something else.
The ways in which words are put together to construct meaning.
The main idea, subject, or topic.
A sentence that states an argument or main point, which is developed in an essay or paper and supported with examples and evidence.
The way something is expressed to convey mood or emotion. For example, changes in pitch to communicate different meanings.
A short story or literary sketch that focuses on one specific moment.
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