Discipline: English/Language Arts

(Scope and Sequence: Quarter 3, approximately two to three weeks)

Grade Level: Middle Grades

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The Power of Language (Communication is More than Language)
  • Skills Cluster 1: Preparing for the Task
    • Skill Definition

      Bridging conversation

      Ability to recognize the curricular concepts and ideas.

      Ability to comprehend factual information related to the concepts, ideas, and seminar text.

  • Skills Cluster 2: Reading Process
    • Skill Definition

      Inspectional reading

      Ability to identify structural components of the seminar text.

      Essential vocabulary

      Ability to apply strategies for developing an understanding of a text by locating words and phrases that related to key concepts and facts, or information.

      Analytical Reading and Note-taking

      Ability to read purposefully and compare information for relevance; to summarize, paraphrase, and evaluate.

  • Skills Cluster 3: Transition to Writing
    • Skill Definition


      Ability to reflect and apply ideas in dialogue.

  • Skills Cluster 4: Writing Process
    • Skill Definition

      Initial Essay Notes

      Ability to take general notes in organized fashion.


      Ability to brainstorm an audience and qualities of writing for this informative writing.


      Ability to construct an initial draft with an emerging line of thought and structure.


      Ability to read and give feedback.


      Ability to edit informational or explanatory draft for grammar and spelling conventions.

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