Discipline: Science

Grade Level: 6th

Course: Science

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Should helmets be required?
A person between the ages of 13 and 19.
A form of reasoning designed to demonstrate the truth of a particular point of view. A statement offered as proof or evidence of the veracity of a point of view with the goal of persuading a reader or listener to agree.
Individual citizens and groups participate in making decisions relating to the government.
A young person or child; someone that has not fully grown; immature of childish behavior.
The process by which a bill becomes a law in the U.S. Congress.
To restate in another form or different words, often to make the meaning more clear or to reflect in one’s own words what another has already stated.
Students are presented with an open-ended question and given a short, set amount of time to write their response.
Any activity that a person engages in during their free or leisure time.
Something that relates to the subject under consideration.
Necessary, essential, compulsory, or obligatory.
A sentence that states an argument or main point, which is developed in an essay or paper and supported with examples and evidence.
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