Discipline: Social Studies 

Grade Level:6th grade 

Course: World Cultures/Geography 

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Why Canadians Live Where They Live: The Impact of Geography on Population Density in Canada.
  • Skills Cluster 1: Classroom Pre-Instruction
    • Skill Definition

      Bridging conversation

      Ability to connect the task and new content to existing knowledge, skills, experiences, interests, and concerns.

  • Skills Cluster 2: Reading Process
    • Skill Definition

      1. Essential vocabulary

      Ability to apply strategies for locating words and phrases essential to key concepts and information.

      2. Active reading and note-taking 

      Ability to read purposefully and select relevant information; to summarize and/or paraphrase.

      3. Organizing notes

      Ability to prioritize and narrow notes and other information.

  • Skills Cluster 3: Transition to Writing
    • Skill Definition

      Bridging conversation

      Ability to transition from reading or researching phase.

  • Skills Cluster 4: Writing Process
    • Skill Definition

      Initiation of task

      Ability to establish a controlling idea and consolidate information relevant to task.


      Ability to develop a line of thought and text structure appropriate to an Argumentation task.


      Ability to construct an initial draft with an emerging line of thought and structure.


      Ability to apply revision strategies to refine development of argument, including line of thought, language usage, and tone as appropriate to audience and purpose.


      Ability to apply editing strategies and presentation applications.

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