Discipline: Science and English

Grade Level: 11th Grade

Course: Integrated chemistry and English

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Nuclear Sustainability
  • Content Literacy Skills: Preparing for the Project
    • Skill Definition

      Identifying “knows” and “need to knows”

      Ability to identify what is already known and what needs to be learned and done in order to complete the task, as outlined in the entry document, background information sources, and rubrics

  • Content Literacy Skills: Gathering Information
    • Skill Definition

      Research skills

      Ability to evaluate and synthesize information from a variety of sources

      Reading skills

      Ability to draw inferences from text 

      Note taking

      Ability to identify important information and use appropriate note-taking strategies

  • Content Literacy Skills: Other Content Skills
    • Skill Definition

      Atomic models

      Ability to describe the advancement of atomic models

      Subatomic particles

      Ability to describe the kinds and characteristics of subatomic particles

      Characteristics of atoms

      Ability to describe the characteristics of atoms, including their atomic mass, mass number, and isotopes

      Nuclear reactions

      Ability to describe how fission works, the main types of nuclear reactions, and which types are dangerous and why


      Ability to explain why some elements are radioactive and others are not


      Ability to define half-life, describe how it is calculated, and explain its relationship to nuclear reactors and waste

      Nuclear reactors

      Ability to describe how a nuclear reactor works, including the waste it generates

  • Content Literacy Skills: Transition to Creating Final Product(s)
    • Skill Definition


      Ability to write quickly, brainstorming about an initial opinion

  • Content Literacy Skills: Creating Final Product(s)
    • Skill Definition

      Writing an Opening

      Ability to write an introduction with a thesis 


      Ability to use textual evidence to support argument

      Revising and Editing

      Ability to revise and edit for spelling, grammar, usage, format, and clarity errors

  • Learning Outcome Skills: Communication
    • Skill Definition


      Ability to choose and communicate to an authentic audience 

  • Learning Outcome Skills: Information Literacy
    • Skill Definition

      Avoiding plagiarism

      Ability to correctly cite sources

  • Learning Outcome Skills: Collaboration
    • Skill Definition

      Delegation and task division

      Ability to use various strategies to delegate and divide tasks among group members

      Task completion

      Ability to complete tasks in a timely fashion according to pacing chart


      Ability to communicate effectively with team

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