Discipline: Reading (could be used in ELA, social studies, technology courses, or other related disciplines)

Grade Level: Grade 9

Course: Advanced Reading

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You Can Run, but You Can't Hide!
  • Skills Cluster 1: Preparing for the Task
    • Skill Definition

      Task Analysis

      Ability to understand and explain the task's prompt and rubric

      Bridging Conversation

      Ability to connect the task and new content to existing knowledge, skills, experiences, interests and concerns

  • Skills Cluster 2: Reading Process
    • Skill Definition

      Essential/Academic Vocabulary

      Ability to apply strategies to developing an understanding of a text by locating words and phrases that identify key concepts and/or information

      Ability to apply strategies to develop an understanding of academic vocabulary used in opinionated writing

      Preparing for Reading

      Ability to get ready for reading by marking text for evidence of problems/solutions and transferring to a note-taking format.

      Active Reading

      Ability to orchestrate the skills, strategies, and behaviors needed to closely read and make meaning of the text

      Active Reading and Note Taking 1

      Ability to read purposefully, select, and record textual evidence and cite reference source

      Active Reading and Note Taking 2

      Ability to read purposefully, summarize key ideas and supporting details, and paraphrase textual evidence and/or record direct quotes to avoid plagiarism

      Active Reading and Note Taking 3

      Ability to read purposefully to identify strong, relevant evidence

  • Skills Cluster 3: Transition to Writing
    • Skill Definition

      Preparing as a Writer

      Ability to analyze text to identify an author's claim which uses strong supporting evidence and acknowledges an opposing view 

      Bridging Conversation from Reading to Writing

      Ability to transition from reading to writing by identifying a problem/solution, organizing ideas and textual evidence, and developing a claim statement that acknowledges an opposing view

  • Skills Cluster 4: Writing Process
    • Skill Definition


      Ability to develop a line of thought and text structure appropriate to the task


      Ability to construct an initial draft with an emerging line of thought and structure

      Revision and Editing

      Ability to apply revision and editing strategies to refine development of information or explanation, including line of thought, language usage, and tone as appropriate to audience and purpose

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