Discipline: English

Grade Level: 10th grade

Course: English 3–4 and English 3–4 Accelerated

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Recognizing Human Rights Violations in Countries in Crisis
  • Skills Cluster 1: Preparing for the Task
    • Skill Definition

      Bridging Conversation

      Ability to connect the task and new content to existing knowledge, skills, experiences, interests and concerns.

      Task Analysis

      Ability to understand prompt and rubric.

      Project Planning

      Ability to plan to produce a product and work through incremental steps.

  • Skills Cluster 2: Reading Process
    • Skill Definition

      Bridging Conversation 1 (Pre-selection)

      Ability to understand author's point of view and primary and secondary source differences.

      Bridging Conversation 2 (Pre-selection)

      Ability to determine an author's point of view or purpose in a text and analyze how an author uses rhetoric to advance that point of view or purpose.

      Bridging Conversation 3 (Evaluation of Sources)

      Apply knowledge of point of view (i.e., primary vs. secondary sources etc.) to determine text credibility.

      Selecting Texts (for Research Tasks)

      Ability to select appropriate reading material (research).

      Active Reading 1

      Ability to read texts explicitly; to analyze texts for specific purposes; to draw evidence from a relevant source.

      Essential Vocabulary

      Ability to apply strategies for developing an understanding of a text by locating words and phrases that identify key concepts and facts or information. 


      Ability to organize notes into an outline or organizer.

  • Skills Cluster 3: Transition to Writing
    • Skill Definition

      Bridging Conversation

      Ability to prepare for composing process.

  • Skills Cluster 4: Writing Process
    • Skill Definition


      Ability to write an opening that includes controlling idea, context for composition, and lead in to development.

      Initial Draft

      Ability to construct an initial draft with an emerging line of thought and structure.


      Ability to apply revision strategies to refine development of student work product to support controlling idea, including line of thought, logical order, language usage, and tone as appropriate to audience and purpose.


      Ability to apply editing strategies and presentation applications.

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