Discipline: English/Language Arts 

Grade Level: 10th Grade

Course: English/Language Arts 

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Pandemic: Catch the Fever
Explanatory comment or note.
A form of reasoning designed to demonstrate the truth of a particular point of view. A statement offered as proof or evidence of the veracity of a point of view with the goal of persuading a reader or listener to agree.
Able to be transmitted from one person to another, animal to animal, human to animal, or animal to human; contagious.
An opinion article on a topical issue written by an editor or publisher.
Complete set of an organism's hereditary or genetic material.
A brainstorming activity. A student folds a sheet of paper in half and writes a list of the facts he or she already knows about the topic in one column (Give One). Then, the student meets with a partner and they share their ideas. Each student adds new information into the second (Get One) column.
Of a communicable disease-causing organism that can spread infection; liable to transmit infection.
A reasonable guess or extension of a concept that is based on observations and logic.
Editing the content of a news story.
Editing the technical aspects of writing, such as the punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
An outbreak of a disease affecting a large portion of the population or spanning a large geographic region.
A germ, like a bacterium or virus, which can cause disease.
Students are presented with an open-ended question and given a short, set amount of time to write their response.
The discipline of observing, identifying, describing, experimenting, and offering theories to explain phenomena in the world.
To put into a particular order; a specific arrangement of events or items.
To list or review the main points.
Able to be passed, spread, or conveyed; communicable.
A preparation including weakened or killed bacteria or viruses that is administered to create immunity to a disease by stimulating antibody production. (Pandemic
Letters that represent numbers in algebraic expressions; called variables because the numbers they represent can vary; one or more numbers can be substituted for the letters in an algebraic expression; also referred to as the unknown.
The extent to which a microorganism may be venomous or have the capacity to cause disease.
An infectious agent composed of an RNA or DNA core within a protein coat that replicates and grows only within cells of living hosts, to cause diseases in people.
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