Discipline: English and social studies

Grade Level:11

Course: Integrated English and U.S. history

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Letter to Congress
  • Skills Cluster 1: Preparing for the Task
    • Skill Definition

      Identifying knows and need to knows

      Ability to identify what is already known and what needs to be learned and done in order to complete the task, as outlined in the entry document and rubrics

  • Skills Cluster 2: Gathering Information
    • Skill Definition

      Research skills

      Ability to identify and find, as well as gather information from, valid sources on a particular topic

      Reading primary source documents

      Ability to read primary source documents with comprehension


      Ability to identify important information and use appropriate note-taking strategies

  • Skills Cluster 3: Other Content Skills
    • Skill Definition

      Historical context of Constitution and Bill of Rights

      Ability to describe the events leading up to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as the effects of the documents' ratification and lasting importance 

      Understanding of Constitutional principles

      Ability to describe the basic principles of the Constitution

      Understanding of the Bill of Rights

      Ability to describe and apply the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights

      Understanding of landmark Supreme Court cases

      Ability to describe the decisions in at least two landmark Supreme Court cases and how they relate to a current law

      Understanding of legislative process

      Ability to describe the process by which a bill becomes a law

  • Skills Cluster 4: Transition to Creating Final Product
    • Skill Definition


      Ability to create and use an outline

  • Skills Cluster 5: Creating Final Product
    • Skill Definition

      Writing an opening

      Ability to write an introduction with a thesis 


      Ability to correctly use paragraphs to structure and organize writing

      Revising and editing

      Ability to revise and edit for spelling, grammar, usage, format, and clarity errors

      Use of correct format

      Ability to correctly use a business letter format and standard font and font size

  • Skill Cluster 6: Critical Thinking and Innovation
    • Skill Definition

      Making connections

      Ability to compare and contrast historical thinking with contemporary thought and ideas

      Defending arguments

      Ability to make logical arguments and defend them 

  • Skill Cluster 7: Communication
    • Skill Definition


      Ability to use images and text to communicate clearly to an audience 

  • Skill Cluster 8: Information Literacy
    • Skill Definition

      Organization of information

      Ability to organize information logically in a variety of genres

      Data use

      Ability to choose and use appropriate data

      Annotated resource lists

      Ability to create, format, and annotate a list of appropriate resources

  • Skill Cluster 9: Collaboration
    • Skill Definition

      Delegating and completing tasks

      Ability to use various strategies to delegate and divide tasks among group members and check for completion

  • Skill Cluster 10: Technology Literacy
    • Skill Definition

      Technology and the democratic process

      Ability to describe how technological tools such as social media can facilitate the democratic process

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