Discipline: ELA

Grade Level: Sophomore

Course: English II

©Literacy Design Collaborative. September 2011

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Existentialism and Kafka
  • Student Work Samples
    • Within the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) framework, student work samples answer the critical question, "What Results?" The inclusion of student work within the module design provides teachers insight into how to improve the quality of the teaching task and the feedback they give on student strengths and challenges.

  • Teacher Work Section
    • Here are added thoughts about teaching this module:


      For this module, I wanted students to find sources to use in the essay. I did not provide any sources except for the literary text of The Metamorphosis. As a result, I spent some time teaching students how to evaluate a source and how to organize their research. Further, students needed to have a good working definition of existentialism before tackling the writing task, so it was important for them to sift through multiple sources before responding to the writing task.

  • Appendix
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