Discipline: Science

Grade Level: 10th-12th

Course: Chemistry

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Plastics…to Use or Not to Use?
To separate an intellectual whole in order to investigate and evaluate its parts; the results of such thinking.
A form of reasoning designed to demonstrate the truth of a particular point of view. A statement offered as proof or evidence of the veracity of a point of view with the goal of persuading a reader or listener to agree.
Linking of atoms that occurs when they are acted on by an electrical force.
The act, process, or condition of holding together or being well connected.
The accepted ways or techniques of communicating in writing, drama, literature, art, etc.
To put a piece of writing into an acceptable form.
Type of chemical bond in which atoms share one or more electrons, especially pairs of electrons.
A believable or trustworthy source of information.
To examine the kind and quantity of errors or mistakes that occur on a particular assignment; a way of determining areas of difficulty.
A statement or message that describes something so that it is understandable to the reader or listener.
A meaning that exaggerates or alters the literal meaning of a word, sentence, essay, etc.
A reasonable guess or extension of a concept that is based on observations and logic.
A type of chemical bond that occurs between two ions with opposite charges; also called electrovalent.
The way a person organizes their reasoning to reach a conclusion.
What a writer expresses and a reader understands. It is communicated by the words, phrases, and sentences that describe objects, concepts, and the context of a piece of writing.
To restate in another form or different words, often to make the meaning more clear or to reflect in one’s own words what another has already stated.
To copy or imitate another’s work (ideas, language, thoughts, etc.) and present it as one’s own original work.
A sober, intentional, and careful consideration.
Something that relates to the subject under consideration.
Scholarly investigation or careful study for the purpose of presenting accurate and detailed information about a topic, person, and so on.
The way the parts of something are arranged to form a whole.
To list or review the main points.
The literal or precise meaning of something.
The way something is expressed to convey mood or emotion. For example, changes in pitch to communicate different meanings.
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