Discipline: Social Studies

Grade Level: 10

Course: Global History 3

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The British Industrial Revolution
Explanatory comment or note.
A form of reasoning designed to demonstrate the truth of a particular point of view. A statement offered as proof or evidence of the veracity of a point of view with the goal of persuading a reader or listener to agree.
Facts, information, or something that provides proof to support whether a belief is true or valid.
To restate in another form or different words, often to make the meaning more clear or to reflect in one’s own words what another has already stated.
Material that is closest to what is being studied, usually an artifact, document, recording, or interview, that was created during the time period or within the context under investigation by a person directly involved in the event.
Scholarly investigation or careful study for the purpose of presenting accurate and detailed information about a topic, person, and so on.
A fundamental change or overthrow of a system of government or social order, resulting in its being replaced by a new system.
Information that is derived from a primary source (first person experience) that is once removed and interpreted or gathered by another second-person source, such as an encyclopedia, history text, or essay.
To take on the qualities or characteristics of a city; the growth of cities due to migration of populations from rural and suburban areas into cities.
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