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Courage in Part One: To Kill A Mockingbird
The quality of being brave or courageous.
Mental or moral strength when faced with danger, fear, pain, grief, and so on.
The lack of courage or bravery.
Till was a 14-year-old African American boy who was murdered in Mississippi in 1955 for flirting with a white woman. His mother insisted on an open casket to publicly show the brutality of the murder. His case received great attention and was symbolic of the racial tensions of that era.
Facts, information, or something that provides proof to support whether a belief is true or valid.
The author of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, for which she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize.
To show integrity through one’s actions; to be held in high esteem or great respect.
Prejudgment based on preconceived beliefs and judgments towards people of a particular group because of specific personal characteristics.
The belief that there are inherent qualities, characteristics, or abilities particular to each race; prejudice or discrimination based on that belief.
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