Discipline: Humanities

Grade Level: 9-10 

Course: English/ History

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Government of the People
  • Skills Cluster 1: Preparing for Seminar and Task
    • Skill Definition

      1. Bridging Conversation

      Ability to see connections between ideas and concepts.  

  • Skills Cluster 2: Reading Process for Paideia Seminar
    • Skill Definition

      1. Inspectional Reading

      Ability to identify structural components of the seminar text. 

      2. Essential Vocabulary

      Ability to identify and master terms essential to understanding a text.

      3. Analytical Reading & Note taking

      Ability to read purposefully and compare information for relevance; to summarize, paraphrase, and evaluate.

  • Skills Cluster 3: Dialogue Process (Paideia Seminar)
    • Skill Definition

       1. Pre-seminar Process

      Ability to reflect on personal communication habits and select appropriate speaking and listening goals.

      2. Seminar

      Ability to think critically and collaboratively in a group about concepts and ideas of a text through a structured Paideia seminar or other discussion-based strategy.

      3. Post-seminar Process

      Ability to self-assess on speaking and listening skills practiced in the seminar and note relevant communication goals for future discussions.

  • Skills Cluster 4: Transition to Writing
    • Skill Definition

      1. Bridging Conversation & Note Taking

      Ability to connect seminar discussion to writing task.

      2. Task Analysis

      Ability to understand and explain the task’s prompt and rubric.

  • Skills Cluster 5: Writing Process
    • Skill Definition

      1. Note Taking

      Ability to select important facts and passages for use in one’s own writing.

      2. Initiating the Task (Claim)

      Ability to establish a claim and consolidate information relevant to task.

      3. Planning

      Ability to develop a line of thought and text structure appropriate to an argumentation task.

      4. Initial Draft & Development

      Ability to construct an initial draft with an emerging line of thought and structure.

      5. Revision

      Ability to refine text, including line of thought, language usage, and tone as appropriate to audience and purpose.

      6. Editing

      Ability to proofread and format a piece to make it more effective.

      7. Completion

      Ability to submit final draft that successfully addresses the task.

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