Transitioning to the Common Core State Standards: Making Your Efforts Effective Through a Focus on Text Complexity Demands

In this webinar, David Liben looks at various aspects of text complexity including how it is defined by the Common Core State Standards, as well as a range of measurement tools and how to use them for professional development.

Resource Type: Webinar

Channel: Common Core

Tags: ACT, American College Testing, ATOS, Broad Spectrum Text Complexity Measures, Close Reading, David Liben, DRP, ELA, Informational text, Instructional shifts, Lexile Measures, Literacy, Meredith Liben, Non-fiction, Qualitative Measures of Text Complexity, Quantitative Measure of Text Complexity, Readability, Student Achievement Partners, Student Performance, Syntax, Text Analysis, Text Complexity, Text Difficulty, Text Evidence, video, Vocabulary, web, web resource, webinar

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