Using Formative Assessment to Meet the Demands of the Common Core, Part Two: Making Formative Assessment Informative

How can teachers effectively reach learners who struggle with reading? Doug Fisher explains the importance of using formative assessments to direct instruction and help such learners succeed. Using an engaging personal experience to frame his presentation, Fisher outlines the need for formative assessment in the classroom and provides tips to educators on incorporating these assessments into their instruction.

Resource Type: Webinar

Channel: Common Core

Tags: background knowledge, brain, CCSS, Common Core State Standards, complexity, comprehension strategies, Doug Fisher, educators, ELA, error, expectations, feedback, fisherandfrey, formative assessment, global economy, higher knowledge, identity, instruction, intervention, learning, learning goals, literacy, mistake, model, organization, patterns, phonics, quality instruction, situational, struggling learners, student performance, teachers, texts, thinking skills, vocabulary

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