The Core Six: Research-based Strategies for Achieving Excellence with the Common Core State Standards

Understanding and implementing the Common Core State Standards present a variety of new challenges to educators. The depth and complexity of the CCSS can feel overwhelming and daunting. R. Thomas Dewing explores the challenges of the CCSS and how the Core Six respond to these challenges. Dewing and his colleagues analyzed the CCSS and selected six common strategic threads — the Core Six — on which to focus. Learn more about two of these Core Six strategies, Reading for Meaning and Circle of Knowledge, and how they work in classrooms.

Resource Type: Webinar

Channel: Common Core

Tags: anchor standards, behavior, CCSS, challenge, change, circle of knowledge, Common Core State Standards, common threads, comparative analysis, controversy, Core Six, culture, educators, ELA, evidence, focus, implementation, inquiry, instruction, literacy, math, mathematics, participation, Q-SPACE, R. Thomas Dewing, reading, reading for meaning, recognition, research, speaking and listening, strategies, tapestry, teachers, tools

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