Exceeding the Common Core Speaking Standards: Improving the Oral Communication of All Students

Although public speaking is likely the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of “speaking skills,” Erik Palmer explains that the Common Core State Standards place importance on speaking effectively in a variety of scenarios, both formal and informal. He notes that students need to have broadly applicable oral communication skills. Palmer provides frameworks to boost students’ abilities in two distinct speaking skill sets: building the presentation and performing the presentation. Watch this webinar to learn how to help your students become more flexible and effective speakers, as well as how to modify your delivery and instruction to engage and reach your students.

Resource Type: Webinar

Channel: Common Core

Tags: appearance, assessment, audience, building the presentation, CCSS, Common Core State Standards, communication, content, critical thinking, digital presentation, digital tools, Erik Palmer, eye contact, FaceTime, gestures, informal speaking, life, listening, listening and speaking, mini lesson, mini speech, oral communication, organization, performance, performing the presentation, podcast, poise, public speaking, PVLEGS, questioning, rubric, SBAC, Skype, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium, speaking, speed, technology, transitional phrases, transitions, video, video conference, visual aids, voice, YouTube

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