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Watch webinars presented by experts in the field, such as Grant Wiggins, Carol Ann Tomlinson, Sandra Alberti, and more. Webinars cover topics ranging from Common Core-inspired instructional shifts to implementing the standards. These free, best practices professional development webinars also include supplemental resources that can be used immediately in the field for your own professional development or in professional learning communities.
Exceeding the Common Core Speaking Standards: Improving the Oral Communication of All Students
Webinar: Webinar
Although public speaking is likely the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of “speaking skills,” Erik Palmer explains that the Common Core State Standards place importance on speaking effectively in a variety of scenarios, both formal and informal. He notes that students need to have broadly applicable oral communication skills. Palmer provides frameworks to boost students’ abilities in two distinct speaking skill sets: building the presentation and performing the presentation. Watch this webinar to learn how to help your students become more flexible and effective speakers, as well as how to modify your delivery and instruction to engage and reach your students.
Practical Strategies and Implications of the Common Core Standards on Inclusive Settings and Students with Disabilities
Webinar: Webinar
How do the Common Core State Standards relate to the educational variables at play in an inclusive school? Lisa Dieker addresses this topic by speaking to typical disability issues and the impact the new CCSS could have on educating students with disabilities. She provides possible solutions, including interdisciplinary collaboration, collaborative teaching, universal design for learning, and technology access. Dieker also includes examples of teaching arrangements, instructional approaches, and modifications, as well as resources that can help teachers reach all learners.
We’ve Started, Now What? Leading Phase Two of Common Core Implementation
Webinar: Webinar
States have adopted the Common Core State Standards, and now school leaders and teachers are looking toward implementing the standards. Judy Carr takes educators to the next level of implementation by breaking the process into three phases: vision, ownership, and performance. Her multi-media presentation will help educators “own” the Common Core and create effective district, school, and classroom implementation by providing examples of implementation structures and a variety of resources.
Implementing the Common Core: ASCD's Recommendations
Webinar: Webinar
In this webinar, Efrain Mercado delves into ASCD’s nine recommendations for implementing the Common Core State Standards as the transition is made from implementation to sustainability. Watch the video to learn more about the recommendations, such as understanding the key instructional shifts, vetting instructional resources for quality and alignment with the standards, transforming principals into instructional leaders, and listening to educators about their professional learning needs, among others.
The Core Six: Research-based Strategies for Achieving Excellence with the Common Core State Standards
Webinar: Webinar
Understanding and implementing the Common Core State Standards present a variety of new challenges to educators. The depth and complexity of the CCSS can feel overwhelming and daunting. R. Thomas Dewing explores the challenges of the CCSS and how the Core Six respond to these challenges. Dewing and his colleagues analyzed the CCSS and selected six common strategic threads — the Core Six — on which to focus. Learn more about two of these Core Six strategies, Reading for Meaning and Circle of Knowledge, and how they work in classrooms.
Ten Things School Leaders Need to Do to Implement the CCSS
Webinar: Webinar
Major changes lie ahead as the Common Core State Standards become practice. With the implementation of the CCSS, priorities are shifting. Teacher leaders and administrative leaders will need to examine how curriculum is developed, how it is implemented, and what resources are being used. Sue Beers outlines 10 things that school leaders need to be aware of as they move toward implementing the Common Core and introduces a variety of resources for educational leaders.
Using Formative Assessment to Meet the Demands of the CCSS, Part One: Linking Assessment with Content and Quality Instruction
Webinar: Webinar
After providing a brief overview of the creation of the Common Core State Standards, Nancy Frey describes how to use formative assessments aligned with the CCSS in this webinar. She suggests ways to promote oral language, build a strong foundation of knowledge, incorporate questioning techniques, and include writing exercises to check for understanding.
Using Formative Assessment to Meet the Demands of the Common Core, Part Two: Making Formative Assessment Informative
Webinar: Webinar
How can teachers effectively reach learners who struggle with reading? Doug Fisher explains the importance of using formative assessments to direct instruction and help such learners succeed. Using an engaging personal experience to frame his presentation, Fisher outlines the need for formative assessment in the classroom and provides tips to educators on incorporating these assessments into their instruction.
Implementing the Common Core: Moving the Instructional Shifts for the ELA/Literacy Standards from Words to Action
Webinar: Webinar
This video is the second webinar in a series focusing on the ASCD report “Fulfilling the Promise of the Common Core State Standards: Moving from Adoption to Implementation to Sustainability.” Efrain Mercado and Sarah Brown Wessling dive deeper into the recommendations provided in the report, specifically focusing on instructional shifts and the English Language Arts and literacy standards.
Project-Based Learning and the Common Core State Standards
Webinar: Webinar
In this webinar, Andrew Miller delves into Project Based Learning by clarifying the difference between PBL and projects, explaining the essential elements of PBL, and how using this instructional method can enhance student engagement and learning across all grade levels and subject areas when targeting the right standards. Mr. Miller also provides sample Common Core aligned PBL projects.

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