What is EduCore? Discover how you can use these Common Core State Standards resources in your professional learning communities. You can also find information on ASCD, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and EduCore partnerships.

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Using EduCore
At your fingertips is a wealth of information and resources about the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for teachers, educational leaders, schools, and school districts. Use EduCore's collection of evidence-based tools, strategies, videos, and supporting documents to learn about the implementation and transition to CCSS. EduCore can help you build your capacity for understanding the shifts of the CCSS.
For Users
Register on EduCore! Registering on EduCore allows you to take full advantage of the resources available. As a registered user, you are able to access additional resources, save your searches, organize the tools, add notes, and leave comments. Plus, when you are logged in, EduCore will automatically keep track of resources you have already viewed!
How to use EduCore
EduCore hosts a variety of videos to help you understand the instructional shifts of the CCSS and how to use EduCore resources. These videos can be viewed independently and discussed in a professional learning community (PLC) or as a faculty.
You can find relevant up-to-date articles and papers about the CCSS on EduCore, as well as articles chronicling the history and adoption of the CCSS.
Watch a webinar to expand your professional knowledge on the CCSS. You can also learn how to develop your instruction around what your students know by using formative assessment math lessons or how to meet literacy standards in your core subject area.
EduCore is home to example modules in literacy and mathematics. You can find sample formative assessment mathematics lessons and literacy lessons across subject content areas and grades. Learn how to implement these modules in your classroom and then use the templates to create your own.
EduCore is a toolkit to meet all of your CCSS professional development needs. Check out the web resources showcased on EduCore to discover other online resources.
— Collaborate & Connect —
At your next faculty meeting, pick one section of the site to jigsaw out as a faculty. Discuss articles and webinars in your PLC or team. Observe an educator teaching an LDC module. Analyze and categorize student work with your PLC team. Collaborate in planning LDC modules or a Classroom Challenge formative mathematics lesson. Connect and share your impressions with other educators on ASCD EDge.
Have a question or suggestion?
Log in to EduCore and leave a comment. Did something work well for you in the classroom? We'd love to hear about it! Watch, read, learn, create, explore, and share as you discover how EduCore can meet your CCSS professional development needs!

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