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Learn about the Literacy Design Collaborative, the components of the LDC framework, and how you can use LDC in the classroom. Explore the videos to see an LDC module in action with teachers and students.
Introduction to LDC and ASCD PD Resources
Resource: Web Resource
ASCD is proud to work with Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) and to serve educators through the EduCore™ website, a portal to the LDC modules and other literacy resources.
What is LDC?
Resource: Web Resource
Learn about the Literacy Design Collaborative and the components of the LDC framework—and explore an LDC module in action with teachers and students.
Deeper Dive
Resource: Web Resource
Lee Kappes, an original member of the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC), presents an informative professional development session on all aspects of LDC modules to a group of educators in Kentucky, including valuable insights into developed LDC modules, and strategies teachers can use to develop their own modules. Watch the videos and download the technical specifications for the LDC framework.
LDC Core Tools
Resource: Web Resource
LDC CoreTools is a guided online experience that supports a teacher in planning, creating, and thinking through each of the four LDC module sections.

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