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This channel features formative assessment lessons and instructional videos for mathematics.

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Visit this bank of Classroom Challenge formative assessment lessons, designed to develop 7th grade students' mathematical practices and content knowledge. Concept Development Classroom Challenges provide formative assessment lessons with scaffolding to move students from apprentice to expert tasks. These Classroom Challenges are aligned to the Common Core standards for mathematics, promote higher-order thinking, and prepare students for the 21st Century.
Applying Angle Theorems
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students solve problems using the measures of the interior and exterior angles of polygons, specifically pentagons.
Evaluating Statements about Probability
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students critique statements illustrating common misconceptions about the probability of simple and compound events.
Increasing and Decreasing Quantities by a Percent
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students explore multiple representations of percent increase and decrease using words, multiplication by decimals, and multiplication by fractions.

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