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This channel features formative assessment lessons and instructional videos for mathematics.

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Visit this bank of Classroom Challenge formative assessment lessons, designed to develop 8th grade students' mathematical practices and content knowledge. Concept Development Classroom Challenges provide formative assessment lessons with scaffolding to move students from apprentice to expert tasks. These Classroom Challenges are aligned to the Common Core standards for mathematics, promote higher-order thinking, and prepare students for the 21st Century.
Interpreting Distance-Time Graphs
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students connect descriptions of everyday situations with distance-time tables and graphs and relate speeds to the slopes of the graphs.
Modeling Situations With Linear Equations
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students explore relationships between variables in everyday situations using graphs, tables, and formulae.
Interpreting Algebraic Expressions
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students make connections between expressions represented as words, tables, diagrams, and algebra, recognizing order of operations, the distributive law, and equivalent expressions.

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