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This channel features formative assessment lessons and instructional videos for mathematics.

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Visit this bank of Classroom Challenge formative assessment lessons, designed to develop high school students' mathematical practices and content knowledge. These Problem Solving Classroom Challenges highlight the problem-solving skills that students need to be successful with their mathematical practice. These Classroom Challenges are aligned to the Common Core standards for mathematics, promote higher-order thinking, and prepare students for the 21st Century.
Optimization Problems: Boomerangs
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students solve a problem of optimizing within constraints and then explore alternative algebraic and graphical approaches involving systems of linear equations.
Generalizing Patterns: Table Tiles
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students solve the problem of how many different tiles are needed to create a pattern at various sizes and explore alternative algebraic and geometrical approaches using linear and quadratic relationships.
Interpreting Statistics: A Case of Muddying the Waters
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students take on roles in an inquiry into a pollution problem and explore the application, interpretation, communication, and possible misrepresentation of statistics and charts.
Geometry Problems: Circles and Triangles
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students use the properties of circles and triangles to find the relative areas of shapes in a pattern and explore alternative approaches to tackling the problem.

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