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This channel features formative assessment lessons and instructional videos for mathematics.

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Visit this bank of Classroom Challenge formative assessment lessons, designed to develop high school students' mathematical practices and content knowledge. Concept Development Classroom Challenges provide formative assessment lessons with scaffolding to move students from apprentice to expert tasks. These Classroom Challenges are aligned to the Common Core standards for mathematics, promote higher-order thinking, and prepare students for the 21st Century.
Solving Linear Equations in Two Variables
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students solve a problem using two linear equations with two variables and interpret the meaning of algebraic expressions.
Evaluating Statements about Length and Area
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students critique conjectures about length and area and construct examples and counter-examples to refute or justify them.
Calculating Volumes of Compound Objects
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
This lesson unit is intended to help you assess how well students are able to solve problems involving measurement.
Evaluating Statements About Enlargements (2D and 3D)
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students compute perimeter, area, and volume using formulas and find relationships in perimeter, area, and volume after scaling.
Sorting Equations and Identities
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students sort algebraic statements into identities, equations with solutions, and equations with no solutions, using manipulation and substitution to justify their choices.
Defining Regions Using Inequalities
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students combine linear inequalities, correctly representing them on a graph, to identify a set of solutions.
Interpreting Algebraic Expressions
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students make connections between expressions represented as words, tables, diagrams, and algebra, recognizing order of operations, the distributive law, and equivalent expressions.
Representing and Combining Transformations
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students reflect and rotate two-dimensional shapes, describe transformations, and explore the effects of combining transformations.
Forming Quadratics
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students use algebra and graphs to explore how the standard, factored, and completed square forms of a quadratic relate to the intercept, roots, maxima, and minima of function.
Finding Equations of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Lesson: Classroom Challenges
Students identify parallel and perpendicular lines and find points of intersection and x- and y-intercepts by looking at the equations of the lines.

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