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This channel features formative assessment lessons and instructional videos for mathematics.

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These recorded lessons are meant engage teachers in discussions about formative practices and possible implementation strategies to improve student learning. By using the Classroom Challenges in a PLC, teachers can meet and reflect on collected data. Watch as real teachers implement the Classroom Challenges in their own classes at different phases of the lessons and with activities that are used in context. Watch how students engage and converse during the lesson. See how the teachers use different strategies promote student learning, and then analyze students' thinking later through conversations with the math coach.
Introduction to Classroom Challenges
Video: 6 min 52 sec
Filmed at Ida Price Middle School in San Jose, Calif., this short video provides an introduction to the Classroom Challenges video series. See an overview of featured lessons, student interactions, and extracts from teacher observations and conversations with the school's math coach, Sally Keyes. Observe how teachers fit these formative assessment lessons into their existing curriculum and how this collaborative approach supports learning.
A Principal's Perspective: Collaboration and Reflection
Video: 7 min 2 sec
How do you create a collaborative school environment? In this video, Ida Price Middle School principal Deb Negrete and math coach Sally Keyes discuss Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and how to support reflective practitioners. See how their focus on problem solving, critical thinking, and formative instruction has increased student participation and comprehension.
An In-Depth Look at a Formative Assessment Classroom Challenge: Steps to Solving Equations Module
Video: 33 min 38 sec
Ida Price Middle School mathematics teacher Cecilio Dimas uses the formative assessment lesson Steps to Solving Equations in his classroom to help students formulate and solve linear equations. Dimas discovers student misconceptions through the pre-assessment activity and discussions with the school's math coach, Sally Keyes. Watch this video to see how Dimas uses this information to guide his instruction throughout the lesson, and to observe how students work through the activities in this Classroom Challenge and engage in math practices and with each other.
Discovering and Resolving Misconceptions: Steps to Solving Equations Module
Video: 7 min 1 sec
View an extract from the end of the introductory activity from the Steps to Solving Equations lesson used by middle school mathematics teacher Cecilio Dimas. This portion of the Classroom Challenge allows Dimas to determine how comfortable his students are writing expressions and the degree to which they use the distributive property to simplify their expressions. Additionally, it enables him to identify any misconceptions they may have. Watch how Dimas constructs classroom conversations and peer discussion to discover and resolve his students' misconceptions.
Discover Students' Thinking to Extend Learning: Evaluating Statements about Length and Area Module
Video: 3 min 23 sec
Middle school math teacher Kamaljit Sangha observes, “This teaching style is that the students open up and the teacher has to be willing to accept that you are going to have ideas out there that you had never dealt with before.” See how she uncovers students' thinking and extends their learning through questioning and encouraging participation.
Formative Assessment: Tools and Techniques
Video: 10 min 27 sec
What do teachers learn at each stage of a Classroom Challenges formative assessment lesson? Hear teachers share insights on the benefits of each stage of a Classroom Challenge and their instructional techniques to reach all of their students. Discover when to use the provided materials and how these resources shed light on student learning and understanding.
Analyzing Students' Work: Statements Involving Length and Area
Video: 3 min 2 sec
Kamaljit Sangha's middle school math class works through Classroom Challenges activities. Listen in on the conversation she has with math coach Sally Keyes as they examine student work to better understand Sangha's students' thinking.
Analyzing Students' Work: Writing Equations
Video: 4 min 18 sec
Ida Price Middle School math coach Sally Keyes and math teacher Cecilio Dimas discuss and evaluate student work to determine students' thinking and understanding. Dimas explains the modifications he made to an activity to capture students' individual thinking and summarizes his class's struggles with the concepts in the lesson.
An In-Depth Look at a Formative Assessment Classroom Challenge: Evaluating Statements about Length and Area Module
Video: 25 min 50 sec
Formative Assessment Classroom Challenges are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Students in Kamaljit Sangha's middle school math class were learning about geometry when she incorporated this challenge on length and area. The lesson helps students reason abstractly and quantitatively, construct viable arguments, and critique the reasoning of others while addressing the mathematical concepts of length and area. This video presents different phases of the lessons and activities in context and includes excerpts of discussions between Sangha and the school's math coach, Sally Keyes.

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