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Presenting the work of the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) and Student Achievement Partners.

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The scope of LDC is expanding to include elementary resources. Check out what LDC has been working on here.
LDC Elementary Template Tasks
Download: Word Document
This collection provides a first set of template tasks for implementing the LDC strategy at elementary grades 4 and 5 in ELA, social studies, and science. The LDC approach involves writing in response to reading, so templates are constructed to ensure teaching tasks engage students in instruction for both reading and writing. LDC template tasks are fill-in-the-blank “shells” built off the CCSS that allow teachers to insert the texts to be read, writing to be produced, and content to be addressed to create high-quality student assignments.
LDC Elementary Argumentation Module Template
Download: Word Document
Argumentation is the ability to form reason and draw conclusions. Students who are able to build argumentation skills through reading and writing complex text are better prepared for the 21st century. Teachers can use this Word template to plan an LDC module that addresses literacy reading and writing standards for argumentation.
LDC Elementary Informational or Explanatory Module Template
Download: Word Document
Informational or explanatory text provides students an opportunity to learn about a specific topic and is valuable for doing a job, making decisions, and accomplishing a task. Teachers can use this Word template to create LDC modules that focus on informational or explanatory writing and text.

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