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Learn about other products and services that ASCD offers that are aimed at helping you understand and implement informative assessments.
Digital Learning Strategies Arias
Resource: Web Resource
Students can now demonstrate their learning by using apps and online resources to conduct research, solicit feedback, and collaborate with others more effectively than ever before. Digital tools also provide teachers with effective ways to assess student work. Michael Fisher outfits you for this new world by opening your thinking to new possibilities for teaching and engaging 21st century students.
Grading and Group Work: How Do I Assess Individual Learning When Students Work Together? Arias
Resource: Web Resource
Assessment expert Susan M. Brookhart explains how to assess and report on (but not grade) learning skills and group interaction skills.
Succeeding with Standards: Linking Curriculum, Assessment, and Action Planning
Resource: Web Resource
Standards have little value unless they are implemented by teachers in their everyday practice. That’s why you need this book on how to link all aspects of your local curriculum to state and national standards. Explore the 11 components involved in the standards-linking process, and know the key issues to address at every stage. Sample standards, planning guides and tools, and a detailed action plan ensure you get started and stay on track.
Advancing Formative Assessment in Every Classroom:  A Guide for Instructional Leaders
Resource: Web Resource
Making formative assessment the norm in every classroom throughout your school is much easier when you have this book's clear guidelines and simple steps. Using examples from their extensive work with teachers, the authors give you the strategic talking points, conversation starters, and ready-made tools. Here's your chance to get what you need to help your school embrace a major cultural change that leads to better teaching and learning.
Checking for Understanding: Formative Assessment Techniques for Your Classroom
Resource: Web Resource
Here's a book that gives you lots of ways to check for understanding. Learn why typical methods to check for understanding are usually ineffective, and explore formative assessment techniques that work in any subject area and grade level.
Formative Assessment Strategies for Every Classroom: An ASCD Action Tool, 2nd Edition
Resource: Web Resource
This second edition of an ASCD's best-selling Action Tool gives you more than 60 tools—with tips and implementation steps—for creating and using formative assessments in every grade level and subject.
What Teachers Really Need to Know About Formative Assessment
Resource: Web Resource
Emphasizing applications at the secondary school level, this "teacher's-eye" view of formative assessment lays out a foundation for why this process works and provides lots of assessment strategies to use before, during, and after instruction.
Assessment and Student Success in a Differentiated Classroom
Resource: Web Resource
The leading expert on differentiation, Carol Ann Tomlinson, joins measurement and assessment expert Tonya R. Moon to provide you with a framework for differentiation that improves pre-assessments, formative assessments, summative assessments, grading, and report cards.
How to Assess Higher-Order Thinking Skills in Your Classroom
Resource: Web Resource
Don't settle for assessing recall and comprehension only when you can use this guide to create assessments for higher-order thinking skills. Assessment expert Susan M. Brookhart brings you up to speed on how to develop and use test questions and other assessments that reveal how well your students can analyze, reason, solve problems, and think creatively.
Instruction That Measures Up: Successful Teaching in the Age of Accountability
Resource: Web Resource
Teaching in today’s schools is different, and teachers have to know what to do to help their students come out as winners in a test-pressured environment. Here’s a book that explains how to do that with a practical framework for teaching in the accountability age.

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