ASCD and Gates Introduction

On March 25, 2011, ASCD and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation entered into a unique partnership with the potential to transform public education in the United States. The Gates Foundation awarded ASCD a multimillion dollar grant to establish a program to support teachers in the classroom and advance understanding and implementation of the Common Core State Standards in states and districts. The culmination of that effort is the EduCore™ website, which will continue to expand over a three-year period. ASCD held a series of meetings across the country to hear from educators about what they need for successful implementation. Now, ASCD's three-year plan for EduCore will give states and districts the means to effectively implement clear, consistent, college- and career-ready standards through this suite of processes and tools.

"ASCD is uniquely positioned to assist with the country's Common Core State Standards implementation," says ASCD CEO Gene Carter of the Gates-ASCD partnership. "Because rapid adoption of the Common Core State Standards has outstripped both professional and public understanding of the standards and their potential for changing the learning and teaching paradigm, it is essential that district and school leaders have the opportunity to learn about the standards and raise questions that will help guide their transition, implementation, and communication strategies. Our diverse membership and experience in providing quality professional development can help educators make successful Common Core State Standards implementation a reality."

Vicki Phillips, director of education at the Gates Foundation, commented, "Our shared goal is to help districts and states realize the capacity of the new standards to fundamentally change the learning experience of students. We must ensure all students can acquire the skills required for college and career success."

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