Cloze Passage: A short excerpt of text that has certain words deleted and replaced with a blank. Students read the cloze passage and fill in the missing words based on context clues within the passage. This is a method to help the teacher determine the comprehension skills of a student.

Resources for this term:
You Can Run, but You Can
You Can Run, but You Can't Hide!

Ninth grade advanced reading students are asked to explore the influence that digital technology has on their everyday lives. Using Template Task 8, students write an editorial that identifies a problem caused by others using the digital footprints we either purposely or inadvertently create. Students examine the intersection of social media and virtual and real life vulnerability. Students will take a close look at the implications of identity theft, unsolicited background checks, social media, and other ways we potentially expose ourselves through the use of technology.

Good Readers and Good Writers
Good Readers and Good Writers

Targeted for 10th grade English Language Arts students, this unit uses texts at different levels of difficulty to reach readers of varying ability levels. Students examine four texts to determine what qualities one must have to be considered a "good reader" and a "good writer." This module uses Template Task 2."

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